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Indoor grill facts for newbie’s

If you are newly started using the electric grill you need to know some facts about grill to have an amazing experience of grilling inside your home or workplace. Outdoor grilling is always not possible as it is quite expensive and possible only in summer. Grilling food is an art and so you need to know some facts about indoor grill to cook delicious and mouth-watering food. With the help of electric grill, you can have amazing grilled food whenever you want; you don’t need to wait for summer. To use your indoor grill properly and to the fullest, you should know some facts about the indoor grill. As compared to outdoor grilling indoor grilling is safe and easy to handle. People who started newly use of indoor grill should know some basic facts which are given below-

  1. Make a safe place for your grill-

After purchasing an electric grill you need to make a safe place for your grill. You should keep it away from water and liquid substances because an electric indoor grill works on electricity so it will cause a short circuit if comes in contact with water. Always keep your indoor grill in a dry place because if you keep it moist place it will harm your indoor grill.

  1. Facts about open grill-

Open grill comes with the lid. In this type of grill, food gets grilled from one side so you need to flip the food time to time to grill your food from both sides. The grill is closed with the help of lid so the smoke and steam remain inside the grill so food gets cooked faster than another grill type.

  1. Facts about contact grill-

In contact grill type your food gets grilled from both sides once you keep in it. You do not need to flip in this type of grill. In this type of grill food gets cooked faster.

  1. Collect recipes-

After purchasing an indoor grill you should collect different recipes from anywhere you get to use your indoor grill to the fullest. You can almost grill anything you want to in an indoor grill.

  1. Preheat the grill-

Before cooking in your grill, preheat the grill for about 5- 10 minutes. Make sure that your grill is heated evenly. Preheating is necessary to cook your food delicious.

  1. Spray or brush oil on the grill-

If you have non-stick grill pan then you don’t need to spray or brush oil on it but if you sticky that is cast iron grill pan then you need to spray oil on it. You should spray oil on your food instead of on pan. Everyone wants to eat food which looks good and tastes good. If your food gets to stick to the pan then the shape of your food gets damaged and it doesn’t look good. So always make sure that it doesn’t stick to your grill.

  1. Unplug the grill-

After completion of cooking unplug the grill immediately to avoid overheating of an indoor grill. No one wants to eat burned or overcooked food. As a safety, you should always unplug your grill after cooking.

  1. Cleaning your grill-

After use of the grill, you should clean it properly. Clean the grill with the help of hot water so that it will get completely sterilized. You can also clean it with a moist towel after your use. Cleaning is very essential because food particles get to stick to it and the taste of previous food comes to the next food which you cook on your grill. Also, it will be very unhygienic to keep the grill as it is so keeping your grill is essential to have the healthy and clean lifestyle.

  1. Temperature –

Always keep the temperature of your grill to the medium-high level. No one loves to eat half cooked or burned food so always keep eye on your grill and check the temperature with the help of thermometer or some grills have indicators from where you can check the temperature. Half cooked food is tasteless and overcooked food tastes like burned so always keep the temperature to the medium-high level. Do not exceed or lower the temperature.

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