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How to use a grill pan at home? – FMG Guide

grill-panGrilling food is one of the healthiest ways of cooking as it requires lower quantity of oil or you can say no need of oil. Grill pan gives you the best experiences of grilling variety of food instantly. You can almost grill everything or anything on your grill pan. Grill pan gives you the best experience of outdoor cooking. Grill pan can also be used for indoor cooking but you need to keep your windows open because it creates smoke. Grill pans are generally used for cooking smoky food. It is very easy to use and very effective in cooking variety of delicious food. Once you start using grill pan for cooking you will definitely love the experience of grilling. Chicken are best grilled on these grill pans. Grill pans gives mouth watering flavors and smoky taste to your food.

How to use a grill pan?

#1. Select grill pan from a Market

Choose your grill pan according to your needs and necessities. It is suggested that you should select a grill pan with raised ridges instead of shallow and gentle ridges this because for experiencing best grilling for your food. Cast iron pan are the best as they tend to retain heat for longer time as compared to non-stick pan. It is also found that taste of food cooked in cast iron pan is better than non-stick pan. The square shaped grill pans are better than round shaped because it gives you more surface area for cooking your veggies and meat. Pan with a lid is best because keeping a lid on pan will maintain the taste of your food and it will also helps in maintaining nutritious value of your food.

#2 Removal of protective covering

Before using the grill pan for cooking, you need to remove protective coating. The cast iron pan come up with protection coat. You can remove it with hot water. The hot water also helps to remove dust particles and germs which make your pan totally sterilized. After washing with hot water dry the grill pan with a clean cloth.

#3 Cook the food on your grill pan

First of all before you start to cook food in your grill pan make thin slices of the food. Thin slices are recommended because we need to cook food without burning and at the same time we want smoky taste to the food too. The foods which can be best cooked in your grill pan are thin hamburgers, eggs, grill sandwiches, potatoes and many more. On your grill pan you just need to brush small quantity of oil and butter for grilling of your food which will help to avoid high consumption of oil and butter. With low calorie content you can cook a delicious and mouth watering food with the help of this amazing grill pan.

#4 Actual grilling your food

Now preheat your grill pan for about five minutes, it will helps to heat the whole surface of the pan equally so food get grilled equally it reduces chances of cooking your food half grilled. Now place the food on your pan and apply little amount of oil on it. Now grill it for few minutes from both the sides. Grilling of both the sides should be done without moving for few minutes. After completing all the food preparations cover the pan with a lid it will help to maintain taste and flavor of the food.

#5 Cleaning of your grill pan

After completing your cooking process it is essential to clean your pan carefully because food particles get stick to the pan and will be unhygienic for next use. You can clean the pan with hot water or also with liquid soap. After washing dry it properly and keep in store for next time. Cleaning is essential for hygienic food cooking. As grill pan have ridges food particles and dust get settled there so careful and proper cleaning is necessary. If you are not able to clean your grill pan with water you can also clean it with kosher salt and scrub pad.

#6 Season the pan and store

If your pan is of cast iron you need to season it with vegetable oil on it with the help of paper towel. Seasoning is necessary to increase effectiveness of grill pan. The grill pan should be store in dry location because in humid condition your cast iron pan tends to rust quickly.

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