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Indoor grill facts for newbie’s

If you are newly started using the electric grill you need to know some facts about grill to have an amazing experience of grilling inside your home or workplace. Outdoor grilling is always not possible as it is quite expensive and possible only in summer. Grilling food is an art and so you need to know some facts about indoor grill to cook delicious and mouth-watering food. With the help of electric grill, you can have amazing grilled food whenever you want; you don’t need to wait for summer. To use your indoor grill properly and to the fullest, you should know some facts about the indoor grill. As compared to outdoor grilling indoor grilling is safe and easy to handle. People who started newly use of indoor grill should know some basic facts which are given below-

  1. Make a safe place for your grill-

After purchasing an electric grill you need to make a safe place for your grill. You should keep it away from water and liquid substances because an electric indoor grill works on electricity so it will cause a short circuit if comes in contact with water. Always keep your indoor grill in a dry place because if you keep it moist place it will harm your indoor grill.

  1. Facts about open grill-

Open grill comes with the lid. In this type of grill, food gets grilled from one side so you need to flip the food time to time to grill your food from both sides. The grill is closed with the help of lid so the smoke and steam remain inside the grill so food gets cooked faster than another grill type.

  1. Facts about contact grill-

In contact grill type your food gets grilled from both sides once you keep in it. You do not need to flip in this type of grill. In this type of grill food gets cooked faster.

  1. Collect recipes-

After purchasing an indoor grill you should collect different recipes from anywhere you get to use your indoor grill to the fullest. You can almost grill anything you want to in an indoor grill.

  1. Preheat the grill-

Before cooking in your grill, preheat the grill for about 5- 10 minutes. Make sure that your grill is heated evenly. Preheating is necessary to cook your food delicious.

  1. Spray or brush oil on the grill-

If you have non-stick grill pan then you don’t need to spray or brush oil on it but if you sticky that is cast iron grill pan then you need to spray oil on it. You should spray oil on your food instead of on pan. Everyone wants to eat food which looks good and tastes good. If your food gets to stick to the pan then the shape of your food gets damaged and it doesn’t look good. So always make sure that it doesn’t stick to your grill.

  1. Unplug the grill-

After completion of cooking unplug the grill immediately to avoid overheating of an indoor grill. No one wants to eat burned or overcooked food. As a safety, you should always unplug your grill after cooking.

  1. Cleaning your grill-

After use of the grill, you should clean it properly. Clean the grill with the help of hot water so that it will get completely sterilized. You can also clean it with a moist towel after your use. Cleaning is very essential because food particles get to stick to it and the taste of previous food comes to the next food which you cook on your grill. Also, it will be very unhygienic to keep the grill as it is so keeping your grill is essential to have the healthy and clean lifestyle.

  1. Temperature –

Always keep the temperature of your grill to the medium-high level. No one loves to eat half cooked or burned food so always keep eye on your grill and check the temperature with the help of thermometer or some grills have indicators from where you can check the temperature. Half cooked food is tasteless and overcooked food tastes like burned so always keep the temperature to the medium-high level. Do not exceed or lower the temperature.

13 ways to use an Indoor Grill in your Home or Workplace

For having an amazing and mouth-watering food there is no other option than grilled food. The smoky taste and the looks of grilled food is just an amazing thing. So for having such delicious and amazing food you don’t need to wait for summer because with the help of an indoor grill you can grill food inside your home or workplace anytime you want to eat grilled food. But first, before you start using the indoor grill you need to know 13 following ways of indoor grilling in your home or workplace. We have put some of the basic ways of indoor grilling. Built-in grills heat up faster than the countertop grills.

use an Indoor Grill at home

#1 Choose your grill and tools

When it is related to grill you have plenty of choices in the market. Everyone loves the grilled food so there is lots of variety and choices for you in indoor grill. You can choose from contact grill and open grill. The contact grill comes up with top and bottom grill plates and it can be closed over the food for the grilling both sides of food. The open grill comes up with a single flat surface; this type of grill has more surface area, in this type of grill you need to flip your food for grilling both the sides of food. The electric grills are generally having adjustable temperature control. Some electric grills come with an indicator which shows you grill is hot or not. While choosing electric grill choose it with removable and non-stick grill plate because it will be easy to handle and clean. You can also choose a grill pan or stovetop grill. You can have a square or round shaped grill pan, generally, square-shaped grills are good because it will have more surface area for your food like meat and vegetables.

#2 Some tips while grilling meat, poultry and fish

If you want some mouth-watering and amazing taste from your protein foods like meat, poultry and fish you should cut these in lean and thin pieces. Thin pieces are very essential while grilling. The reason behind making thin pieces is that thinner the pieces faster it will cook. Also, it will help you to cook food evenly on your grill. If you love smoky taste to your meat you can simply sprinkle salt and pepper and also you can buy smoked paprika from the market for the smoky taste. Barbecue grilling sauce or marinade is also used for smoky taste; it needs to be applied before 20 minutes of cooking.

#3 Make a place for your indoor grill

The first thing after purchasing an indoor grill you need to place it properly inside your kitchen. It should be kept in a safe place. It should be kept away from water and another liquid form of substances as it is electrical in nature so it might have chances of a short circuit if comes in contact with water. It should be placed in the convenient place from where it can be handled carefully and easily.

#4 Collect grill recipe

Once you get your indoor grill you should collect lots of recipes from anywhere you get to use your indoor grill to the fullest. If you love grilled food you should try different experimental recipes on your grill. You can almost cook anything you want to cook with the help of this amazing indoor grill.

#5 Preheat your grill

Before placing the food inside your grill you need to preheat it for about 10 minutes. The preheating should be done at a medium-high temperature.

#6 Seasoning of food

Season the food with salt and pepper. Marinate the meat if you want to do. Remove the marinade and pat dry the meat on a paper towel before grilling the meat in your indoor grill. Draining remaining liquid of marinated food is necessary to have healthy and hygienic food to eat.

#7 Prevention of food from sticking

In the market you will get two types of pan one is sticky grill pan and other is non-sticky grill pan. On no-sticky grill pan there is no necessity to spray oil on it but on the sticky grill pan, there is a necessity to spray or brush oil on it.

#8 Place the food on the grill

After all the preparations done, place the food on the grill for cooking. Flip the food once it is half cooked from one side and then cook another side for the same. The grill with lid cooks both the sides of food at the same time and also it requires lesser time than to cook than an open grill.

#9 Check the grill food

Check your meat whether it is properly grilled or not with the help of thermometer or some grills come with the indicator which shows doneness of meat.

#10 Time duration

Overcooked food will taste like burned and the less cooked food is tasteless. So it is very important to keep eye on your food while grilling and check the time duration properly.

#11 Unplug the grill

After completion of grilling your meat unplug your grill to prevent overheating of your grill and food too.

#12 Cleaning the grill

After cooking your food clean it properly with hot water to remove all the food particles stick to it. It is very unhygienic to keep it as it is so proper cleaning is very essential to have healthy and hygienic food every time.

#13 Where it can be used

The name itself suggests that it can be used inside your home or offices. You don’t have to wait for summer for grilling meat so with the help of indoor grill you can cook tasty food anywhere whenever you want. After all food life! So having an indoor grill is the must.

How to use a grill pan at home? – FMG Guide

grill-panGrilling food is one of the healthiest ways of cooking as it requires lower quantity of oil or you can say no need of oil. Grill pan gives you the best experiences of grilling variety of food instantly. You can almost grill everything or anything on your grill pan. Grill pan gives you the best experience of outdoor cooking. Grill pan can also be used for indoor cooking but you need to keep your windows open because it creates smoke. Grill pans are generally used for cooking smoky food. It is very easy to use and very effective in cooking variety of delicious food. Once you start using grill pan for cooking you will definitely love the experience of grilling. Chicken are best grilled on these grill pans. Grill pans gives mouth watering flavors and smoky taste to your food.

How to use a grill pan?

#1. Select grill pan from a Market

Choose your grill pan according to your needs and necessities. It is suggested that you should select a grill pan with raised ridges instead of shallow and gentle ridges this because for experiencing best grilling for your food. Cast iron pan are the best as they tend to retain heat for longer time as compared to non-stick pan. It is also found that taste of food cooked in cast iron pan is better than non-stick pan. The square shaped grill pans are better than round shaped because it gives you more surface area for cooking your veggies and meat. Pan with a lid is best because keeping a lid on pan will maintain the taste of your food and it will also helps in maintaining nutritious value of your food.

#2 Removal of protective covering

Before using the grill pan for cooking, you need to remove protective coating. The cast iron pan come up with protection coat. You can remove it with hot water. The hot water also helps to remove dust particles and germs which make your pan totally sterilized. After washing with hot water dry the grill pan with a clean cloth.

#3 Cook the food on your grill pan

First of all before you start to cook food in your grill pan make thin slices of the food. Thin slices are recommended because we need to cook food without burning and at the same time we want smoky taste to the food too. The foods which can be best cooked in your grill pan are thin hamburgers, eggs, grill sandwiches, potatoes and many more. On your grill pan you just need to brush small quantity of oil and butter for grilling of your food which will help to avoid high consumption of oil and butter. With low calorie content you can cook a delicious and mouth watering food with the help of this amazing grill pan.

#4 Actual grilling your food

Now preheat your grill pan for about five minutes, it will helps to heat the whole surface of the pan equally so food get grilled equally it reduces chances of cooking your food half grilled. Now place the food on your pan and apply little amount of oil on it. Now grill it for few minutes from both the sides. Grilling of both the sides should be done without moving for few minutes. After completing all the food preparations cover the pan with a lid it will help to maintain taste and flavor of the food.

#5 Cleaning of your grill pan

After completing your cooking process it is essential to clean your pan carefully because food particles get stick to the pan and will be unhygienic for next use. You can clean the pan with hot water or also with liquid soap. After washing dry it properly and keep in store for next time. Cleaning is essential for hygienic food cooking. As grill pan have ridges food particles and dust get settled there so careful and proper cleaning is necessary. If you are not able to clean your grill pan with water you can also clean it with kosher salt and scrub pad.

#6 Season the pan and store

If your pan is of cast iron you need to season it with vegetable oil on it with the help of paper towel. Seasoning is necessary to increase effectiveness of grill pan. The grill pan should be store in dry location because in humid condition your cast iron pan tends to rust quickly.

Grill accessories to know about: Perfect grill accessories for you

Grilling is one of the best ways of outdoor cooking. The outdoor cooking is best experienced in summer. Cooking food on the grill is an art and it requires good skills to cook amazing food on your grill. Grilling and BBQ gives a smoky taste to your food which is delicious and mouth-watering. To get the best experience of grilling food you must have some basic and essential accessories because grilling food with household accessories does not give you a taste like food which is cooked with proper grilling accessories. It doesn’t matter which type of grill you have, you must have some of these grill accessories.

Let’s start grilling with these amazing grill accessories!


#1 Chimney starter

Charcoal lover griller needs this chimney starter for grilling food. To make grilling experience awesome rather than frustrating we need this chimney starter. The grilling and BBQ experts say that this is the best of lightning fire because by lightning with petroleum products leads to smell to the food and no would love to eat food with petroleum smell. It does not taste so good also so using chimney starter is the best option. According to research, it is the safe, easy and clean method of lightning fire for grilling because coal creates lots of dust and smoke.

#2 Long handled tongs

Long handed tongs are very essential accessory while you are grilling. It is required to flip your meat or vegetables on the grill by keeping a safe distance from the heat. Experts in grilling and BBQ suggest that 16 inches tongs are best for grilling because it is the safe distance from heat and also not so far from the food you can easily flip the food. The tongs are also required for banking coals if you are using a charcoal grill. While purchasing tongs you need to consider three points which are its length, strength and grip. The tongs should be strong enough to hold entire meat or chicken and also should not heavier for your arms to hold properly. The grip of tongs should be easy to handle any kind of food as heavy as food like meat and delicate like asparagus so choose your tongs according to basic necessities.

#3 Spatula

Everything cannot be handled with tongs so you need a spatula for some food like sandwiches and fish. The spatula should be particular in its shape and size. It should be thin and strong also and at the same time, it should be flexible too.

#4 Digital thermometer

No matter how expert you are in grilling but having a thermometer for checking the temperature is good because no one wants to eat burned or half-cooked meat or chicken. So having a thermometer is safe side. Digital thermometers are good because it gives accurate readings and also it can rotate when the grill is rotated. It is also easy to use and handle.

#5 Grill brushes for cleaning

Keeping your grill pan clean and sterilized is one of the important things of grilling. So having a grill brush is must because small particles of food and oil are get stuck between ridges of the grill and it won’t be seen by naked eyes and it is not possible to remove with hands. So for cleaning purpose, we need grill brushes. If food and oil particles get stuck in your grill and remain there for long period then for next use your meat will get rancid and there is a possibility that food may get spoiled. Your food will not be as delicious as before so according to survey it is found that every grilling expert keeps such grill brushes for cleaning.

#6 Grill gloves

The grill gloves are must be of heat resistant material like leather or cotton. It is required while handling coal and hot grill crate or any hot utensils used for grilling for keeping your hands safe from burning. It is recommended that gloves with different fingers should be selected because it will give proper grip for handling utensils.

#7 Basting brush

When you are grilling it is very essential to apply the right amount of sauce and oil in your food it is the secret to delicious grilled food. The basting brush helps to apply the right amount of sauce or oil on your food while grilling. It is suggested that silicon basting brushes are best for grilling because it won’t get fall off due to heat and also can be cleaned easily.

How Grilled Chicken helps to lose weight?

Nowadays everyone wants to look fit and stay healthy which is the very good thing for everyone. Awareness about gym, exercise, and diet has been increased in today’s world. The young generation has become health conscious so they always tend to maintain a good and proper diet for themselves. Grilled chicken is the one of the best diet food for health conscious person who desires to lose weight. The weight loss program is mainly depended upon diet. The weight loss relies 80% on diet and 20% on your workout, activities or exercise. Obesity is a disorder and everyone wants to get rid of it and it is possible with the help of healthy food like grilled chicken along with proper exercise.


One can maintain a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise by consuming tasty food like a grilled chicken. There are some misbelieves about diet like some people thinks that eating less quantity of food is a key to lose weight but is totally a misconception. Eating good and healthy food with low fats and carbohydrates is the best way to lose weight or get rid of obesity. Dieting means not starving yourself it’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good food and grilled chicken is one of them. Who doesn’t want to eat tasty food and which also helps you to keep a lean body? So here is your answer grilled chicken does this for you.

How grilled chicken works to lose weight?

Grilled chicken is low-calorie food so it is very effective to consume for weight loss diet programme. The grilled chicken contains a high amount of proteins and very less quantity of unsaturated fats and carbohydrates. Due to high protein contents, it is very beneficial to reduce belly fat and side fat as fat does not get stored and protein gets consumed in the form of energy. The grilled chicken also helps to burn extra calories. Protein is also essential to boost body energy which is mainly required for heavy workout purpose. The chicken breast should be eaten as a diet food. Fried chicken is not beneficial as a grilled chicken because fried chicken contains a very high quantity of oil which increases calories of the food. Grilled chicken should be served with steamed vegetables and salads which will be beneficial for health. When anyone having a diet he or she should eat nutritious food from each group of food and from meat group grilled chicken is the best food recipe. Grilling is the healthiest way to cook food without losing its taste, and aroma.

#1 Low-calorie benefits

100gm of grilled chicken contains 226 calories which are sufficient for the human body. In low calories, you feel like your stomach is filled up so you do not tend to have extra food and so extra calories won’t get consumed. It gives maximum energy without fats and carbohydrates. For day to day life, the normal human requires 1200 to 1500 calories but it also varies according to human activities and workout.

#2 Protein content benefits

The grilled chicken contains the higher amount of proteins. It converts body fats into muscles. Protein contents are also beneficial in making lean body muscles. It is the best source of protein so must be present in your diet. It also helps in building body strength of a person. The person who desires to have a lean body and abs must have grilled chicken in his diet as a protein source.

#3 Makes your bones healthy

The grilled chicken also contains a high amount of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium which are very effective in keeping your bones healthy and strong. The people suffering from arthritis are also suggested to have grilled chicken.

#4 Relieves stress

Grilled chicken contains such ingredients like vitamin B5 which helps in relieving stress. Overall chicken contains such ingredients which actually helps you to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Consuming proper food also affects your mood and stress. According to a survey, the people who consume healthy food is less likely to have stress. Stress-free lifestyle is the basic necessity nowadays.

#5 Boosts body immunity

Immunity means resistance power of a body against any disease and protein helps to increase this immunity. The grilled chicken contains a higher amount of protein so ultimately it helps you to boost immunity.

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